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Audiobook, known earlier as talking book, was initially introduced for reading out matters for the benefit of blind folk. Later on, it expanded its application to educational institutions, libraries and music centers for downloading and playing music, drama and books. Audiobooks are available in audio libraries just as On browsing, you choose your required book, in this case The Catcher in the Rye, download or stream into your tablet or Smartphone using free apps for Android and iOS. Facilities also exist in them for starting, stopping when needed and restarting for listening to it according to your convenience.

Like many other audiobooks, Catcher in the Rye –its various chapters (26 in number) are designed to be compliant with all new browsers such as Chrome and Firefox including Internet Explorer, and workable on Android and Apple gadgets. Coming with MP3 links, downloading could be accomplished by the usual right-clicking, downloading and saving processes. In other words, click the offer link, supply the details in the format, look for “The Catcher in Rye” and then download;  and you’re now reading, nay hearing it as audio book.

Catcher In The Rye AudiobookOverview of The Catcher:

Written by David Salinger around1951, a school dropout and then a student of writing class of Columbia University, the book, which was his signature novel, was an instant best seller for its atheistic hero and brazen expose of desecration. The author, given to the bliss of solitude, wrote this book in first person narrative which makes you feel that you become Holden Caulfield yourself living such a life.

The story:

It’s a brilliant portrayal of the trials and tribulations undergone by adolescents as they try fitting into the world those days. The main character is a seventeen-year old school dropout, Holden Caulfield by name, narrating his whole period’s odious stay (1-3 days) in New York City spent in isolation, and marked by surrealism of the adult world that brought about life-long changes in him.

Apart from undergoing untold hardships, he had, at that time, to cope with the death of his younger brother which further added to his misery. Circumstances warranting telling lies and encountering harrowing sexual experiences then also form part of this challenging phase of his life. The whole story appears in unabridged form for audiobook.

The Catcher in audio format:

For those entering adolescence, this Catcher is a must-read book. People who are yet to read, or have already read could reinvent the book with a fresh air when they have this new opportunity to listen to this book on Apple or Android devices even while on the move to institutions or workplaces. Good appreciation and understanding of the story becomes possible in the new format.

Holden Caulfield character is only a reincarnation of modern youth. He’s is very shrewd and sharp having emotions, distress and thoughts very much akin to the young people’s. His first person narration brings in a feeling as if he is talking to you as a well-wisher, simultaneously cautioning you against falling a prey to such predicaments. You could discover that his experiences are relevant for all time to come.  Though some readers detest movie adaptations, they would still like this book in audio format owing to its not sacrificing the originality. When you hear The Catcher in audio format, you get a feeling that your friend is counting the incidents in intimate style so they get etched in your mind permanently. This puts you at ease to recollect and reproduce the important portions to your folk for their benefit. One such worthy part is Holden addressing his sister Phoebe on various topics, ultimately explaining the rationale of the title of the novel to the outside world.

New readers would do well to go through the hard copy first to have first-hand grasp of the incidents, and subsequently follow it up with listening to its audio version. This would enable them to better understanding and appreciation of the intricacies. Also when you learn the story by listening to the audio book, less concentration and time would suffice to acquaint you with the story. No need to program an exclusive time for reading the audio format as you can do listening as part of your multi-tasking schedule, just as you’re enjoying radio or music.   That is, Catcher In The Rye Audiobook catches your attention easily.

Listen Catcher in the Rye Audiobook Online:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

More chapters are comming soon…

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